Master Your Physical State

As you learned in the Masterclass, our State of Being is comprised of four sub-states:

The Physical State

The Emotional State

The Mental State

The Spiritual State

When you change one of those sub-states, there is a ripple effect into the other states as well.
The easiest thing to change in any given situation is your physical state.

In the video below you will learn how to take control of your physical state in moments of stress and conflict and find calm like Navy Seals do in life or death situations, find confidence like politicians in front of TV cameras and handle yourself well in tough relationship situations like my clients.

I have also prepared a leaflet for you to print out and remind you of the five techniques.


When you are ready to go deeper and learn how to master your other sub-states to feel confidence in tough relationship situations and empowered to create a relationship you love, then apply for coaching with me below.