For those of you who are not ready for personal coaching, live events or web courses and prefer to self study, or just can't get enough of all of that, I have put together a selection of books that I believe will pave the way to financial and spiritual fulfillment. A click on one of the covers will get you to the Amazon page where you can purchase it. Disclaimer: These book covers are affiliate links. That means, when you follow a link and purchase the book, you pay the price you would pay anyway, but I get a tiny referral fee.

KLARHEIT Action Planner & Life-Coach

I use the KLARHEIT Action Planner & Life-Coach to maintain focus and clarity in today's digital environment. KLARHEIT is much more than an ordinary planner because 14 pages of distinct coaching questions turn it into a real life coach in a book. KLARHEIT helps you set Goals and break them down into monthly and weekly goals, so you can achieve them easily and effortlessly. Are you exercising gratitude enough? KLARHEIT invites you to write down the good things that happen to you every day because exercising gratitude has a profound impact on your happiness. Get your copy now and gain clarity with KLARHEIT.


KLARHEIT Action Planner & Live Coach