3 Months to bridge the gap between being an employee with an idea and becoming self employed!

YOUR RESULT: It is more important to do the right things than to do things right. In this course you will discover what the right things are that need to be done to start a successful business and in what sequence they need to be done. Like focusing on getting customers before spending weeks or months and thousands of Dollars on developing a product, or putting the right systems in place and how those systems look like. You will develop a business mindset and stop talking and dreaming, but execute your vision.

YOUR INVESTMENT: $4999 to get the tools to start successful entrepreneurship.

YOUR SITUATION IN THIS MOMENT is the result of all your thoughts, feelings and actions in the past. And thus you are a successful employee and get paid for living another persons dream. You are confident about the things you know and do and see the flaws in the company you work for. You see the flaws in the product, too, but your ideas are not being considered to an appropriate extent. The lack of leadership is obvious but you can't fire your boss(es). The product ideas that would propel your company forward are not pursued because they are afraid to invest. You are serving them for years but the rewards are not in proportion to the extra hours you put in. You know what needs to change, you know how much better things would be if it was your company. The superior product in a superior environment driven by a leader who knows that innovation is the result of taking risks and investing in the right things. You are eager to show the world how you can do it, but your environment consists of middle class workers and managers who have the mindset that you want to leave behind. They dream, they talk, they don't take action. It's time for a change.

IMAGINE waking up as your own master. You own your company and your products are selling great. You arrive at your office, the production is running already and your secretary greets you with your coffee and your appointments for the day. Your Employees are motivated and engaged. They know that they have an impact, they are being heard and their ideas are valued, as they see what can be improved and you embrace their feedback. You don't have a job, you own a company which runs by itself. As a result of your leadership you don't need to take close look at every detail all the time because you took care to train your people thoroughly so they know how to do an excellent job on their own with just enough check ins that are comfortable for both of you. If you need to take a vacation, want to attend a seminar or give a speech, the well greased machine works well without you. Your exit strategy is in place, so when you receive the right offer or decide to retire you can sell your company with ease.


I FEEL YOU and once thought so, too!  If you don't pursue your purpose, there are more than enough people that are happy to make you pursue theirs. I opted for self employment right out of university, in fact I founded my company while I was working on my bachelor's degree and did not even start a masters. I made all the mistakes one could make and kept my company going despite the odds through pure willpower, 16 hour days and no vacations for years. I made the mistakes you don't need to make. I worked out the kinks and created a system that is proven to work to present to you on a silver platter. My company is doubling it's turnover every year and I want to help as many people as possible to discover the secret of successful entrepreneurship and startup engineering.

WHAT IF you had a knowledgeable mentor who could provide guidance as you transform your dream into a goal? What if you had someone on your team who could provide non-judgmental support and hold you accountable for your desired transformation?
I am confident that you already possess the technical skills to create the successful product that you have in mind. Creating the effective and efficient machine that will constitute your company does not require an MBA or whatever the educational system offers. It requires hands on learning as you go and the guidance of a person who once was in your shoes and has proven that he did it. We will set SMART goals together and break them down into solvable chunks.  We will explore concerns specific to you and discover the unique tools YOU need in the niche you will operate in. And by the way, in case you still feel the need for formal education: I teach "Startup Engineering" at a University for three years now, so you can trust that what you will learn in this course satisfies the highest standards.


I will teach you the same techniques I used to transform my life into the life of an entrepreneur, techniques I use continuously to live a life dedicated to my passion and purpose.

After our initial 45-minute strategy session, we will determine if we are a good fit. I can't work with everybody and I am sure you also have specific expectations that need to be met.

    • Week 1 – Idea Management (Why your idea is worth nothing)
    • Week 2 – Pitching (pitching in 45 second what others can’t say in 45 minutes)
    • Week 3 – Sales training (Selling beyond the rejection, building relationships, understanding their problem)
    • Week 4 – Capital Management (Become a money management magician)
    • Week 5 – The way to the first customer (The rush of getting your first customer)
    • Week 6 – Idea validation (How to identify the $1000000 idea)
    • Week 7 – Become the business development shark (don’t go to shark tank, be the shark tank)
    • Week 8 – Doing the right thing at the right time (Do work that matters)
    • Week 9 – Lead with vision

Every Lesson is followed by tasks that may take up to 3 hours and need to be done before the next lesson.