Pure Barre And Your Mind

Boost your goal setting & accountability to get the results you want.

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1 -hour workshop on Wednesday, March 15 at 6:45 pm

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March is the month that puts your commitment to your new years resolutions to the test.

The days grow longer, more and more activities open up and it becomes easier to get distracted by things you may want in the moment vs things you really want for yourself but are less convenient to achieve.

Maybe it is time to revisit your values and take a look inside.

In this 1-hour workshop you will discover

  • Goal setting - How to set and achieve inspiring goals that elevate your life
  • The three levels of leadership: Self-Care - Family - Business
  • The little known secrets around discipline and how to make it effortlessly work in your favor.
  • How to create habits that support your goals and help you get the results that you want.
  • How to hold yourself accountable and why you can transfer responsibility but not accountability.
  • Investing in hope vs. investing in change
  • And these FREE bonuses:
    • Bring a friend
    • Join the 5:30 pm Pure Barre ClassicTM
    • Arno's "Self Mastery" Online Course (learn more)

"Change is inevitable but personal development is a choice."

About the HOST:


This Workshop will be brought to you by Arno Koch, father of a 4-year old son and a 1-year old daughter, husband to a wonderful wife and his best friend, dog dad of a goofy Rhodesian Ridgeback and lives in Malibu, California.

Following an international corporate career as an engineer in Germany, Product Manager in Switzerland and in Corporate Development in California, he became a professional business Coach in 2018.

Coincidentally, Arno's first business clients were struggling in their relationships, which began to thrive again over the course of his coaching programs, with the added benefit of helping my clients overcome bulimia, phobias, and PTSD.

Recognizing this pattern and considering his transformation of overcoming his own trauma, panic attacks and being the toxic person in his relationships, Arno began to focus on elevating and healing relationships and has remained passionate about it ever since. Arno also teaches intentional relationship-based leadership as an executive coach and corporate trainer.

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Sign up for $27*