About Arno

Imagine Evolution was founded and is led by Arno Koch, who is a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Master Practitioner of Mental & Emotional Release® and a Hypnotherapist.

Arno is a mechanical engineer by trade and found his passion for coaching and training during his corporate career in the Vorwerk group where he fulfilled roles as an engineer in Germany, Product Manager in Switzerland and in business development in California.

In 2018 he stepped out of the corporate environment. He then focused on his passion for elevating lives as a professional coach. In his work he helped people progress in their professional lives and noticed that these people also suffered in their relationships. Some even considered divorce. By the end of the coaching program they were happily in love again.

When Arno noticed that this was not a coincident but a pattern, he analyzed his coaching process and found the reason: He had them practice all his tools and strategies with their partners to make his teachings stick as much as possible: small, step by step actions that led to big results.

Arno adjusted his training syllabus just a little bit and brought it in alignment with breakthroughs in his own personal life. This was the starting point of a powerful program to help men and women elevate and even save their relationships.

Arno’s individual coaching follows a proven three-step process:

  • Releasing persistent negative emotions connected to traumatic events or individuals
  • Elevating self-communication based on the concept of state mastery
  • Elevating communication with others

His corporate training is based on the same principles that work with individuals but translated into a format which works for groups. It does not only motivate and inspire but create real behavioral change that drives collaboration, communication and overall happiness.

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