(Re)built trust, respect and love

Elevate intimacy, passion & affection

Transform conflict & confrontation into dialogue & effective connection

CREATE and sustain a happily-ever-after Love that lasts

Transform your relationship from mundane to extraordinary with my Relationship Coaching Program.

Do you want to reignite the passion and intimacy in your relationship? Are you ready to break the negative patterns and habits that are holding you back?

My relationship coaching program is designed to (re)build trust, respect, connection, and love. Elevate intimacy, passion, and affection. And transform conflict and confrontation into dialogue and effective communication.

I understand that maintaining a fulfilling relationship can be challenging, especially with the demands of daily life pulling us in different directions.

But you deserve a relationship that is passionate, dedicated, and full of love and trust.

Don't become another statistic - over 50% of marriages end in divorce. But it's not too late to turn things around and start living in a fulfilling relationship.

Over 50% of marriages end in divorce. But let's dive deeper. Only 41% of first marriages end in divorce. But 60% of second marriages and 73% of third marriages... It's up to you to break the cycle and start living in a fulfilling relationship.

Do any of these sound familiar?

I asked a good friend on his deathbed what is most important to him. He did not mention business success, his Rolex watches, or the cars he owned.

What meant most to him were the human connections he made and his wife, the love of his life.

When I asked him if there was anything he regretted, he said "That I did not meet my wife earlier in life."

That's why a healthy relationship is one of the most important aspects of life. And it's never too late to start improving your relationship.

Our coaching program will guide you through the process of identifying and breaking negative patterns, communicating more effectively, and reigniting the passion and intimacy in your relationship.

Don't wait until it's too late to start enjoying the happy moments in life - start today.

  • You two have been growing apart and you don't know how to reconnect.
  • You have constant conflicts and wonder why EVERY argument escalates.
  • You have unreleased, persistent negative emotions from past relationships or even childhood that affect your relationship.
  • You don't feel important, significant, maybe not even relevant to your partner.
  • Your sex life is either nonexistent or is no longer as intense and passionate as it once was.
  • You had an affair and don't know how to overcome the aftermath.
  • You've been cheated on and you don't know if you should leave or try to overcome it.
  • You're in a relationship where you feel alone, unheard, and unsupported.
  • Many of your emotional and physical needs go unmet.
  • Your partner closes down or stonewalls whenever you bring up an issue or need to fix a problem.
  • Even things you learn that could elevate your relationship turn out to make it worse.
  • You're thinking about divorcing or breaking up and the word may have even been said.

Relationship coaching with Arno Koch

Every day my relationship coaching helps men and women work through these issues

Here's the bad news: Your partner won't change. Heck, even if s/he did then you would just lose your respect for them (because now you can make them change whenever you want) and your trust in them (If you can change them, there'll be others that can change them, too).

Improving your relationship is not about changing your partner but about understanding them better. Take my intuitive personality type test!

You want your relationship to be a source of joy and happiness, a place of recuperation and recharging your batteries, yet it's not and you don't know how to make it so.

You hire a personal trainer to get in shape, you have a financial advisor to make smart money decisions, so it makes sense to speak with a love expert to create the relationship you want.

Relationship coaching with Arno Koch

I am a trained expert:

Chances are, I can help you create the love life you want, even if your partner is not open for couples counseling using my relationship coaching approach that focuses on your empowerment to create the change you need.

Unlike many love gurus and coaches I am a master practitioner in NLP, master practitioner in Mental and Emotional Release® and a Hypnotherapist.

Through my education and training I bring my clients the best techniques and strategies, skills and evidence based practices that have proven to lead to change.

It is important to me to base my relationship coaching on science and data so you can expect reliable, results driven work in which my personal experiences serve as inspiring metaphors as I use my teachings in my own personal life to master the challenges to come.

In your relationship coaching, you will discover exactly how to:

  • How to feel loved and respected again.
  • How to recreate trust.
  • How to overcome persistent negative emotions from the past that take a toll on your relationship today.
  • How to genuinely apologize so that it lands without assuming guilt, blame, shame...
  • How to utilize the power of appreciation using the 5 Love Languages as a foundation while avoiding their inherent toxicity that nobody talks about.
  • How to not only improve your conflict solving but also make the times between conflict happier.
  • How to set and enforce your boundaries.
  • How to close open tabs and help your partner do the same.
  • How to be a power couple instead of in a power struggle.
  • How to understand your attachment style to prevent it from badly affecting your relationship and even influence it. towards a more secure attachment style.
  • How to feel closer and have more fun together.
  • How to improve your sex life by fostering greater intimacy.


The results you can expect from this relationship coaching experience:

❤️ A deeper connection with your partner ❤️

❤️ Release of emotional baggage, so things (even trauma) from the past does not affect your relationship anymore ❤️

❤️ A common feeling of this relationship is going to last ❤️

❤️ Amicable conflict solving and conflict handling of lovers, not enemies ❤️

❤️ Experiencing empathy and compassion as a given and not a rare exception ❤️

❤️ More freedom as you can be yourself as well as allow and appreciate your partner being their genuine self

❤️ An increased feeling of trust and being trusted ❤️

❤️ A noticeable shift in your attachment style towards a secure attachment style ❤️

❤️ Feeling confident in your skin.❤️

❤️ Less stress, better health, more fulfillment, better decision making ❤️

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Relationship coaching with Arno Koch

Working with me is:

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  • The fastest, most effective way to create a happily-ever-after relationship

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