You deeply love your partner but your relationship has gotten to a point where you feel like it will end if you don't do something...

How would you like to recreate trust, communication, love, intimacy and a deep connection that lasts?

What if there was a magic switch that you can flip to revive your relationship? Well, it's not exactly a switch but it is a process that does exactly that:

✅ Heal wounds from past relationships and trauma

✅ Set healthy boundaries and communicate with love and trust

✅ Help your partner reciprocate the same empathy and compassion

✅ Experience more gratitude while rising above emotional triggers

Have you been trying to create that happily-ever-after relationship...

But no matter what you do…

It feels like you’re getting farther and farther away from the love you want to feel?

You’re not alone.

The road to the dream relationship can be very long and very hard.

You literally have to figure out everything from scratch.

Coming from one relationship and starting another.

While going through the staggering pain of dating from square one again and again.

The truth is...

50% of marriages end in divorce but when you look closer the truth is even more sobering.

Only 41% of first marriages fail.

While 60% of second marriages and 73% of third marriages fail.

Those people repeat the same mistakes, over and over again, while hoping for a magic fix and Mr./Mrs. Right to solve their problem.

And it doesn't happen.

It's so frustrating to spend weeks and months and years in relationships that then fail for the same reasons although you were so certain that you did everything differently this time.

That's why I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

✅ Sources of conflict evaporating, leaving harmony and understanding…

✅ Having tools at your fingertips to calm down conflict…

✅ Understanding how your and your partner's happiness are connected and making them - and yourself - happy…

✅ Reigniting your sex life...

✅ Finally being able to make your partner feel heard, seen and felt...

And that’s what this Love-Based Relationship Framework is about.❤️

It is meant to help you laser focus on activities that take your relationship to the next level. 

It’s a PROVEN system that helps married women and men, lovers in committed relationships and singles who are just out of a bad breakup create the relationship they are longing for… 

Without wasting time and money trying to figure it all out yourself. 

How? By giving you EXACTLY what you need to do to create a deep connection step by step.

This will be your reality when you focus your attention on doing what the Love-Based Relationship Framework tells you to do – and ignoring the rest.

Now, before I show you exactly how this method works…

Let me introduce myself and tell you who I am to be telling you all this…

Arno Koch


Before I became one of the most sought after relationship coaches I already thought I had it all figured out.

The problem was that in reality I was sabotaging my relationships because I had the tools but didn't know how to use them.

And here's what I discovered from my experience:

When I say that I sabotaged my relationships I mean - and I want to be absolutely honest with you - I mean that I was the toxic person in my relationships.

I sat in a toxic trap, nagging, labelling, blaming, thinking I was the big shot while even holding positive traits against my partners.

They. Never. Had. A. Chance. 💔

And whose fault was that? It would be easy to blame my parents as they never had a concept of handling conflict amicably but were always yelling, blaming, shaming, guilting, labelling and the word divorce was ever on the table.

I even remember as a teenager sitting between my parents in the living room with a knot in my throat and my stomach, mediating their arguments in fear that they would follow through with my biggest fear: their divorce threat!

I believed I had an influence. - While they thought it was cute.

But there was one thing I noticed: There was stuff I needed to learn elsewhere and wouldn't be able to learn from my parents so I started reading books on personal development and communication.

Still, although I read what I could and attended many seminars, I made my worst fear come true: My first marriage that I had waited so long to get into to REALLY GET IT RIGHT ended in divorce. 😱 Rock bottom.

I had failed and was at a complete loss when something unexpected happened:

I met my beautiful wife and mother of my children that I am so deeply and happily in love with today and within days I realized what my horror marriage hat taught me.

But I also became afraid that I would get sucked into my old patterns and habits and doubled down on the work on myself by getting help from therapists, coaches and mentors.


YOU ARE NOT BROKEN! You are worthy. You are enough. You are significant. You are whole. And I can prove it to you.

Imagine you walked into a room with 1000 babies and now someone would walk around and point from one baby to another and say: "You're enough, you're not. You are worthy, you're not. You are perfect, you're not." Sounds crazy, doesn't it?

It IS crazy. And what's even crazier is that most people allowed someone to instill just those beliefs in them. Chances are, you did, too. But it's not true.

The truth is just that you express certain BEHAVIORS that are not getting you the results you want and the moment you start replacing those behaviors with empowering behaviors your relationship starts to flourish.

Fast forward to 2018: As a result of my efforts I felt a burning desire to help other people with what I learned but I thought business coaching was the way to do it.

But the people I coached were coincidentally suffering in their relationships, too and the word "divorce" was on the table.

By the end of the program they were happily in love again. 💞

"I have found Arno's work and coaching to be extremely valuable in several areas of my life. My focus has shifted from the past to a more productive present and meaningful future. I have learned new communication skills which are enabling me to become a better person in both personal and business relationships. I would highly recommend his work to anyone looking to improve and elevate their overall life in general."

Dan S. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

When I noticed this, I wondered how that was even possible until I had a light bulb moment.💡

I had them practice all my teachings, every advice on communication with their partners.

And boom. Although their partner was not involved in the coaching - heck they weren't even coached in the area of relationships - their relationships thrived.

I saw that I was on to something and it took only minor tweaks to my program and the most powerful relationship coaching program out there was born.

I decided to move my focus. I want to help people find true love within the relationship they are already in... by using my proven Love-Based Relationship method in their relationships!



Look, if you are stuck in relationship patterns that seem to repeat themselves in every relationship.

Or if you just always run into partners that seem amazing at first in some weird twist of fait always disguise themselves having the same character flaws.

Or if your partners always happen to resemble a parent of yours.

Then it probably has nothing to do with something being "wrong" with you.

You are not broken. But you likely carry persistent negative emotions inside of you that rear their ugly head in moments you need them the least.

Kinda like emotional baggage.
When emotional baggage surfaces, It's like you feel old emotions again as if they were happening now.

Like I felt the fear of divorce whenever a partner and I had a fight.

Or like that client of mine had flashbacks about her Ex just when her partner washed the dishes like her Ex did... negative emotions started flooding her body, "would he cheat, too?" but she couldn't tell him... heck, he was WASHING THE DISHES for christ sake!

That emotional baggage keeps you stuck in the past and makes triggers and buttons almost impossible to overcome.

The second the baggage goes, the relationship thrives and shedding the triggers becomes possible.


It's true, as long as you don't communicate with yourself effectively, how are you supposed to speak with anybody else effectively?

Now, when we hear the word "communication" we think of spoken words.

Sure, we do talk to ourselves all the time. (You're welcome, in case you thought you were the only one and thought you were going crazy).

But the things we tell ourselves are just a fraction of how we communicate with ourselves.

Let me explain.

In any given moment you are in a certain "state of being". Your state of being is comprised of 4 sub-states:

  • The Physical State
  • The Emotional State
  • The Mental State (That's the guy talking)
  • The Spiritual State

And whenever you change one state, you change them all.

If you for example put on a grin like the Cheshire cat and hold it for a few moments, you activate pressure points in your face that make you release positive hormones.

You feel happier (emotional), think happier (mental) and positively influence your beliefs in a way that the future looks slightly brighter (spiritual). - You can stop grinning now.

You see, you communicated with yourself but no words were used. 💡

This is just one example of a vast amount of ways to elevate your state of being so you are your best self in critical moments where it really counts.


Now that you've released your baggage and mastered your state of being...

It is time to hone in on speaking with your partner not only with Love-Based Intentions but using Love-Based Language - so they really feel it.

You have probably noticed, Love-Based Intentions are not enough. Your partner still doesn't feel heard, seen or felt a lot of the time.

Here's the deal about empathy and compassion...

If you tell your partner how they feel AND it's exactly true AND they like how they feel, then mission accomplished, goal achieved, the eagle has landed, the sweater is knit.

You feel them, they feel you, you're golden.

But if you're just a little bit off or they don't like how they feel, then ⚡️CRACK⚡️ the connection is broken.

So what can you do?

You can say something like this: "It seems like you're very frustrated about something right now?"

And this does three things:

  • "It seems like" shows that you're putting effort into getting them and that you're really trying.
  • It also shows that you're not "mansplaining"/ "womansplaining" the world to them but that you could be wrong.
  • You move the center of the problem outside of them (their feeling) so that it's now the valid reaction to something that happened.

Do you see how mastering Love-Based Language elevates a relationship? Again, this is just one example. 



Most lovers are stuck in an endless hamster wheel of recreating relationships in which they are suffering.

But today you have the chance to step out of that hamster wheel and change the future of your relationship life forever.

The Love-Based Relationship method has proven to work time and time again for lovers just like you…

Now, it’s your turn to take advantage of it!

I’m teaching the ‘Love-Based Relationship Method’ in a comprehensive 12 week program – the Relationship Mastery Program – that will take you through these 3 pillars step by step.

Each week, you’ll take action on one particular area of your Relationship…

By the end of this program, you’ll have all my tools and strategies engrained into your unconscious so it runs your relationship on autopilot and you are prepared for your challenges to come!

It’s your turn now to take action and turn your relationship dreams into a reality. Choose the option below to get started.

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What's included:

  • The Complete State Mastery Online Course
  • The Complete Love-Based Language Online Course
  • Live Coaching Call recordings
  • The secrets to goal setting, forgiveness, healing yourself and others
  • A live one hour Q&A session with Arno per month for 3 months
  • Worksheets, printouts to engrain all learnings



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Is your mindset sabotaging your relationship?

If you have a big heart, love deeply but shortly after you entered a relationship the ANTs (automatic negative thoughts) start crawling around in your mind.

Or if you run into the same kind of person over and over again - you have a "broken picker" or you catch yourself in pattern of nagging, blaming, labelling (your partner OR ourself) and you start waiting for them to "come around" then chances are the root cause of your relationship problems lie in your mindset - and not in your partner.

We are going to make sure that you have the right mindset as we're talking about your relationship.

This module alone will determinate your success. So make sure you follow it carefully.



You learned already how communicating effectively means mastering your state of being; and the easiest sub-state you can always influence is your physical state.

You can use every influential word on the planet... if your body language doesn't show that you mean what you say and does not exude confidence, then it doesn't matter.

55% of your communication is body language, 38% is your voice/tonality and only 7% are about your spoken word.

In this module you will learn how to elevate your physical state so that you can signal confidence to your own unconscious mind and to the unconscious mind of your partner as well.



As long as you don't FEEL right, how are you supposed to act right - speak right - help someone else feel right?

If you are anything like I used to be then you have an emotional remote control that anyone can push to MAKE YOU feel differently.

You're feeling just alright, minding your own business when you get the wrong text, hear the wrong song, read the wrong piece of news and in a snap you're in a funk that your partner cannot only not snap you out of, chances are you'll pull him right into it as well.
By the end of this module the way you feel is your choice and not the result of your environment anymore.

Sure, sad news will still make you sad, upsetting news will upset you and a Tiger will still make you feel fear but you will be able to deal with these emotions in an empowered way and always return to your new natural state - happiness, love, contentment.



Finally we're looking at LANGUAGE. You mental state includes the language you use with yourself.

But even the mental state is not ONLY about language. Your mental state is comprised of your thoughts (language) and focus.

It is VERY hard to change your thoughts. Even after years of meditation it remains very difficult...

But as soon as you change your focus your thoughts follow.

You're going to exactly figure out how to change your focus from something that is in your circle of concern (as Steven Covey puts it) and into your circle of influence - the only place in this universe where change takes place.



When I talk about your spiritual state, I mean the energy and beliefs you have in any given moment.

Your religious beliefs and non-beliefs are part of that and here is the good news: You can keep them all.

Your beliefs are also your momentary beliefs: "Here we go again, now we will fight for three days again" or even global beliefs like "Maybe this isn't "meant to be", maybe I should end this relationship..."
And your energy: Are you in a high vibration - a beautiful state?

Or are you in a low vibration - a state of suffering?

You realize how your spiritual state has a crucial impact that determines if you are empowered or disempowered to make a change and if that change will serve you or not.



I mentioned earlier how empathy and compassion are a fickle thing.

Making your partner FEEL that you get them, that you are on their side, that you are with them and see them, hear them and feel them is an art that many people pass on blindly and just wonder why reading the other person's mind is not working and why their partner is so bad reading their mind.

Here's the secret: It's not about reading minds right. It's about expressing yourself so that your partner and you create an understanding whenever you want.

Listen, you are doing a lot things fabulously in happy moments, but we tend to forget about all the good stuff as soon as you or your partner gets upset and suddenly try to mix things up and although it is not working you do it again and again.

In this module you will become consciously competent in what you're dong when things work well so you can then do them when things go not so well to make them go well again.

And here is where the magic happens: It just takes very few positive experiences and you will start doing these right things unconsciously on autopilot, preventing misunderstandings and conflicts before they even happen.



Have you ever realized that setting and enforcing boundaries are two separate things?

Setting a boundary is an act of speaking. Enforcing a boundary takes action.

Just setting the intention to "set and enforce a boundary" with love will drastically lower the chance that your partner will see your boundary as an act of aggression towards him/her.

And hey, dealing with a narcissist? Your partner can only be as narcissistic as your boundaries are weak. To someone with weak boundaries Mother Teresa would have appeared as a narcissist.

In this module you are invited to find out if you were right when you jumped to the conclusion that your partner is a "narc".

And here is the good news: If they are, if your partner is really. a narcissist, then they will leave your live when you start setting strong boundaries. I promise.

Because a narcissist needs someone with weak boundaries to get their feed. Sounds exciting? It is! 



We already talked about 55% of communication being body language as you mastered your physical state.

In this module you will hone in on the intricacies of building rapport and take it to the next level so you really speak your partners language - visually, auditory and with your language.

Does that mean manipulating your partner? NO! IT just means communicating on the full spectrum.

I was born in Germany. Am I manipulating everyone in the US because I speak english?

No! I just communicate so that I am understood.

I could have written this whole website in German and chances are, you would have left in 3 seconds.

Just like that you will build rapport so that your partner stays in the conversation - without "stonewalling", without getting upset or the conversation looking as if you were playing tennis on two different courts. 🎾



Any verbal communication goes through a maximum of 6 steps. There are no more. Sounds basic, right?

Well, it is basic but it's exactly these basics that make or break Communication. That determine if your are using Love-Based Language or indulging in a monologue that reaps zero results.

The 6 steps of communication will become your go-to method of taking response-ability for your message getting across and finding peace of mind in moments where you don't feel understood or where your partner get's upset because you didn't do what they asked you to do.



German Psychologist Friedemann Schulz von Thun developed the four-sides model in 1981 and it has remained a profound tool for understanding yourself and your partner ever since.

The idea is that whenever you say anything your message will have one of four or even a combination of intentions.

So does any message you receive. Now the question is, is the intended meaning the same meaning you understood or is it different?

You can imagine how this can lead to harmony or massive misunderstanding and upset.

By the end of this module you will be able to tip the scales to the side of harmony and understanding.



The way we perceive information and comprehend it best varies from individual to individual.

Sure, we all - or at least most of us - have eyes, ears, a nose, taste buds and a skin to feel but which sense we use preferably can be very different.

My mom used to tell me as a child "One watches with their eyes and not with their hands!" As I was touching everything and trips to the museum became very stressful endeavors.

However your partner processes information, you can cater to it and the result is shorter, more effective, Love-Based Communication that drives understanding and connection.

This module is for you if being heard and seen by your partner is a focal point of your wellbeing and for feeling connected to your spouse.



Finally! Were we ever going to speak about them? Gary Chapman's concept of the 5 love languages has become a classic that has probably elevated millions of relationships. - And been the demise of many.

The 5 Love Languages can add a level of toxicity to a relationship that can make partners look like narcissists and simply ruin what could otherwise thrive and be the source of fulfillment.

When you have understood the five love languages in the way taught in this module then you are on the path of relationship success and won't ever look back.



Imagine waking up every day next to the partner of your dreams in harmony.

No more wondering if this relationship will last…

No more pondering divorce and contemplating if there is someone better out there in the dating pool…

Nor your partner doing that!

And no more feeling like you’re stuck in the relationship ‘hamster wheel’ with no way out.

With the Results Driven Love-Based Relationship Digital Course…

You’ll have a proven system that will turn your inner puppet master that sabotages your relationship daily into a trusted autopilot that makes you navigate your relationship with ease.

So, if you’ve been looking for a simple system to help you reach your dream of the happily-ever-after relationship… I’m here to tell you that you’ve finally found it. Now, it’s your turn to take action.





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You have nothing to lose because we guarantee your satisfaction:

30-day full satisfaction guarantee.

Everything that is included in this program has changed my life and the life of my clients profoundly and continues to do so. Every. Single. Day. I have yet to meet the person who implements what this program entails and not elevate their life.

As you can see all the risk squarely on my shoulders…

So go ahead and click the button below and you’ll be on your way to elevating or even saving your Relationship!

We can’t wait for you to see the results yourself.

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