Elevate communication, collaboration and productivity

Lower attrition rates

Initiate, implement and corroborate CHANGE


What is your situation today?

Do you have a great team that you want to help grow and excel and prepare for the challenges to come?

Or you feel the need to improve your company culture or the performance of your team.

What are the biggest problems your employees face today? When was the last time you asked them?

In my experience COMMUNICATION is always at the top of the list. Being one of the most misunderstood aspects of corporate life, people walk around and believe communication is only the delivery of verbal or written content and expect the receiver to act on it.

Many managers, for example, believe that basic aspects of human behavior are disabled inside the corporate environment by assignment of a title. So people send emails to the person in the next cubicle and dare to be surprised if it is not acted on.

Instead, the "less important" task by a person that made the effort to walk over and personally interact with the colleague, got done instantly...

What are the biggest problems your Leadership team faces today? In my experience implementing change is one of the top points. Do they utilize all 6 factors of influence when they introduce new systems or when they try to influence the behavior of an employee?

Do they know how to create habits instead of just demanding discipline? Are all teams working well or do you know departments where everyone believes OTHERS need to change? - Unhealthy patterns that no one really knows how to interrupt?

If those are problems you face, contact us using the form below for a quick 15 minute call, or read on to learn what we bring to the table.


A customized training, designed with focus on your Leadership Team, your Employees or a Project Team.

  • Communication with self - Master your state, rise above the circumstances
  • Communication with others - Building rapport, personality types, 6 steps of communication, crucial conversations, representational systems
  • Substituting discipline with habits
  • Identifying unhealthy patterns and installing empowering patterns.
  • The secret sauce of elite teams
  • Effective goal setting
  • World class presentations skills - no more "death by powerpoint"


Below find a selection of modules I use in my custom Employee Engagement programs. Your employees will be excited to discover principles that they can not only apply in their business life but but in their personal life as well. Remember, there are no business problems; there are just personal problems that show up in business and relationships. I am curious about your specific ideas or challenges and love to tailor the program that is right for you.



Your overall state of being in any given situation consists of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state. When you change one state, you change them all. The ability to get conscious and take charge of your state, allows you to determine your outcome. Your mood will become less dependent on your environment so you can deliver peak performance on demand.



55% of communication is body language, 38% is voice/tonality and only 7% is content. Building rapport is the art of getting the other 93% of  communication right and really utilizing the full spectrum of communication for smoother cooperation and collaboration and faster turnaround times on projects and tasks.



Every time we communicate with another person, we go through up to 6 individual steps. A person that is conscious about these steps, gets their message across clearly and can pinpoint needs for adjustment. The results is effective communication, less mistakes and amicable resolutions of misunderstandings.



A great team is made up of all 4 personality types. Unfortunately, not all personality types get along very well - especially when they don’t know WHY they can’t get along. After this segment, there will be a common understanding amongst team members about the value each personality adds to the team and people who rarely associated with each other start to connect.



The creation of lasting change requires up to 6 factors of influence. When utilized they create helpful and empowering habits and make it easy to implement new processes and establish empowering habits. They apply to individuals as well as teams. As soon as 4 or more factors are utilized, habits are created with a 90% success rate.



A Team is a group of people in which one person takes the idea of another person and pursues it as if it was his own idea. From a leadership perspective a mindset of contribution is an obvious benefit. This segment teaches a mindset of contribution and is tailored to deepen the understanding of those who already exercise it and even reach ego-driven loners.


(Re)built trust, communication and love

Elevate intimacy, passion & affection

Transform conflict & confrontation into dialogue & effective connection

CREATE and sustain a happily-ever-after Love that lasts

You deserve to be in a fulfilling relationship that is passionate, dedicated, and full of intimacy, love and trust. 
However, you are unable to determine how to get there or how to keep the fire burning.
You are aware that your relationship should come first, yet it has slipped to the bottom of the list.
Moments of intimacy have become rare.
You're being pulled away by other commitments, such as a demanding job, time commitments from friends and family, or perhaps you've been paying attention to someone else outside of your relationship.
Confrontation and conflict have replaced what used to be loving, meaningful conversations.
You've been ignoring your partner or, up until now, haven't been willing to make the effort to make things better but waited for them to "come around".
Over 50% of marriages end in divorce. But let's dive deeper. Only 41% of first marriages end in divorce. But 60% of second marriages and 73% of third marriages... It's up to you to break the cycle and start living in a fulfilling relationship.

However, you are aware that your relationship is what matters most to you and the number one thing that determines your happiness.

I personally asked a good friend on his deathbed what is most important to him. He did not mention business success, his Rolex watches or cars he owned.

What meant most to him where the human connections he made and his wife, the love of his life.

When I asked him if there was anything he regretted, he said "That I did not meet my wife earlier in life."

You don't want to reflect on your life later and think of how much happy moments you wasted and could have enjoyed, had you only done a bit more.

You're tired of being irritated by how your partner talks with you, getting hurt over and over again and experiencing the frustration that comes with it.

You know you want and need more from your relationship, but you don't know how to break the patterns and habits.

What you're trying is not working but as there are happy couples out there, there must be an answer you haven't found. Yet.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You two have been growing apart and you don't know how to reattach.
  • You argue all the time and wonder why EVERY argument escalates.
  • You have unreleased, persistent negative emotions from past relationships or even childhood that affect your relationship.
  • You don't feel important, nor significant maybe not even relevant.
  • Your sex life is either nonexistent or is no longer as intense and passionate as it once was.
  • You had an affair and don't know how to overcome the aftermath.
  • You've been cheated on and you don't know if you should leave or try to overcome it.
  • You experience a distance and disconnection from your partner.
  • You have trouble settling on life goals, including your children, finances, or your work-life (work-love?) balance.
  • You're in a relationship where you feel alone, unheard, and unsupported.
  • Sex talk was easy in the beginning but now it's a dreaded topic.
  • Many of your emotional and physical needs go unmet.
  • Your partner closes down or stonewalls whenever you bring up an issue or need to fix a problem.
  • Even things you learn that could elevate your relationship turn out to make it worse.
  • You're thinking about divorcing or breaking up and the word may have even been said.


Every day I help men and women work through these issues to reduce their pain and increase their satisfaction in their relationships.

Here's the bad news: Your partner won't change. Heck, even if s/he did then you would just lose your respect for them (because now you can make them change whenever you want) and your trust in them (If you can change them, there'll be others that can change them, too).

You want your relationship to be a source of joy and happiness, a place of recuperation and recharging your batteries, yet it's not and you don't know how to make it so.

You hire a personal trainer to get in shape, you have a financial advisor to make smart money decisions, so it makes sense to speak with a love expert to create the relationship you want.


I am a trained expert:

Chances are, you've done your research, but I am Arno Koch, and I can help you create the love life you want, even if your partner is not open for couples counseling using my LBR-Method.

Unlike many love gurus and coaches I am a master practitioner in NLP, master practitioner in Mental and Emotional Release® and a Hypnotherapist.

Through my education and training I bring my clients the best techniques and strategies, skills and evidence based practices that have proven to lead to change.

Using the Mental and Emotional Release Process I help my clients overcome mild emotional baggage up to trauma from military experiences or sexual assault.

It is important to me to base my coaching on science and data so you can expect reliable, results driven work in which my personal experiences serve as inspiring metaphors as I use my teachings in my own personal life to master the challenges to come.

In your extraordinary relationship transformation, you will discover exactly how to:

  • How to make your partner feel heard, seen, understood, and validated
  • How to overcome persistent negative emotions from the past that take a toll on your relationship today
  • How to genuinely apologize so that it lands without assuming guilt, blame, shame...
  • How to utilize the power of appreciation using the 5 Love Languages as a foundation while avoiding their inherent toxicity that nobody talks about
  • How your and your partner's happiness are connected and when and how you CAN make your partner happy and when you can't
  • How to steer clear of triggers and destructive dynamics
  • How to replace criticizing and nagging with Love-Based Language and effective communication
  • How to close open tabs
  • How to build rock solid relationship habits and help your partner build new habits without negativity
  • How to master your state of being to be empowered and your best self in the most challenging situations
  • How to be a power couple instead of in a power struggle
  • How to understand your attachment style to prevent it from badly affecting your relationship and even influence it towards a more secure attachment style
  • How to feel closer and have more fun together
  • How to improve your sex life by fostering greater intimacy
  • How to make your relationship safe, secure, and based on trust again
  • How to be vulnerable with confidence to drive connection even when you're feeling down


The results you can expect from this life changing coaching experience:

❤️ A deeper connection with your partner ❤️

❤️ Release of emotional baggage, so things (even trauma) from the past does not affect your relationship anymore ❤️

❤️ A common feeling of this relationship is going to last ❤️

❤️ Amicable conflict solving and conflict handling of lovers, not enemies ❤️

❤️ Experiencing empathy and compassion as a given and not a rare exception ❤️

❤️ More freedom as you can be yourself as well as allow and appreciate your partner being their genuine self

❤️ An increased feeling of trust and being trusted ❤️

❤️ A noticeable shift in your attachment style towards a secure attachment style ❤️

❤️ Feeling confident in your skin.❤️

❤️ Less stress, better health, more fulfillment, better decision making ❤️

Ready for some real life examples? Check out these testimonials from my clients who took action and changed their relationship life.

Are you ready to elevate the love that will make you feel deeply fulfilled, happy and accomplished, knowing that you have loved and lived your fullest potential?

As you are still reading, you may be wondering how this coaching process works.

This is how.

You will fill out the contact form below.

We will have a free discovery call in which we will discuss your relationship challenges and get clear on what you really want and your goals for coaching.

I will determine if we are a good fit and if I can help you we will talk about my services in more detail - as I NEVER take on a client that I don't believe I can help.

If we move forward together your coaching experience will be centered around a weekly or bi-weekly video coaching call with additional email and text support, videos and worksheets so you can grow at your own pace while being held accountable. Week by week you will implement small changes that add up to a massive transformation.

I offer multi-month coaching packages, rather than one-off sessions, so that you have time to focus on long-term change so that you can be sure you get lasting results rather than only fleeting, quick wins.

I will hold you accountable and show up for you from day one until you are complete.

One reason my clients see the amazing results they get is that I only work with highly motivated people who know that long-lasting change takes time and commitment.


Working with me is:

  • Completely confidential
  • Tailored to your individual needs
  • The fastest, most effective way to create a happily-ever-after relationship

Before you book your discovery call, you'll need to think about a few points:

  • Are you motivated to make real changes? You are willing to get out of your comfort zone and maybe even change your life-style.
  • Are you open to receive constructive feedback and see things in a different way? This can mean trusting the process and being open to try things that sound counter-intuitive at first. Remember, your intuition got you into your present relationship situation.
  • Are you willing to invest in yourself? Professional coaching is not cheap. If you don’t value this area of your life enough to invest in it, you’re either not committed to the process, or you don’t realize its value. It’s difficult to put a price tag on changing the entire dynamics of your relationship so that you can feel more connected, intimate and affection with your partner. What would you give to no longer repeat the same arguments over and over again? To stop engaging in the same dysfunctional patterns and behaviors that only squander your precious time, energy and love? To feel more trusting and secure in your relationship? To feel heard, validated and understood instead of your partner shutting down, becoming defensive, or even yelling?

Contact me:


What prerequisites does a Business Coach need to meet for you? Here are mine.

A Business Coach needs to be an expert in his field

  • Arno is a Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming)

  • Master Practitioner of Mental and Emotional Release®

  • Hypnotherapist

  • Graduate of the Tony Robbins Leadership Academy.

A Business Coach must be relatable

  • Arno is not a psychologist that "thinks he knows" about the corporate environment. He spent 13 years in an international corporate environment as an engineer in Germany, as a product manager in Switzerland and in business development in California.

    Still, the first step of working together is always getting a deep understanding of the intricacies of the environment that is looking for improvement.

  • He has a Knack for building rapport with diverse audiences, engaging skeptical engineers, outgoing sales consultants, people from different countries and cultures, audiences that are unfamiliar with the topic and people who already speak the language and want to build on preexisting knowledge.

event picture

A Business Coach must have experience

  • Arno has over 25 years of experience in the field of personal development.
  • 10 years of experience coaching and training teams, groups and individuals
  • Arno built trainings from identifying the need over creating and iteratively improving the training, to delivering the trainings internationally (Germany, Mexico, China, Taiwan, USA)
  • He lead a workshop on public speaking at the University of Phoenix in Los Angeles and facilitates his own public events on personal development and public speaking.
  • He built a track record of lasting change with his coaching clients which he monitors as he follows up and reconnects on a regular basis.


No two companies or even departments are the same. Share your specific needs with us and get a customized program that caters to your individual requirements.

KLARHEIT Action Planner & Life-Coach

What tools do you use with your employees to set goals and bridge the life-goals-business-goals-gap?

The KLARHEIT Action Planner & Life-Coach is the tool Arno uses to maintain focus and clarity in today's digital environment. With 14 pages of distinct coaching questions KLARHEIT is much more than an ordinary planner.

It helps you set goals and break them down into monthly and weekly goals, so you can achieve them easily and effortlessly.

Distraction free, leaving an encouraging trace of success,  accomplishment and gratitude.