Elevate communication, collaboration and productivity

Lower attrition rates and build an intentional corporate culture

Initiate, implement and corroborate CHANGE


What is your situation today?

Do you have a great team that you want to help grow and excel and prepare for the challenges to come?

Or you feel the need to improve your company culture or the performance of your team.

What are the biggest problems your employees face today? When was the last time you asked them?

In my experience COMMUNICATION is always at the top of the list. Being one of the most misunderstood aspects of corporate life, many people believe communication is only the delivery of verbal or written content and expect the receiver to act on it.

Many managers, for example, believe that basic aspects of human behavior are disabled inside the corporate environment by assignment of a title. So people send emails to the person in the next office or cubicle and end up surprised if it is not acted on.

Instead, the "less important" task by a person that made the effort to walk over and personally interact with the colleague, got done instantly...

What are the biggest challenges your Leadership team faces today? In my experience implementing change is one of the top points. Do they utilize all 6 factors of influence when they introduce new systems or when they try to influence the behavior of an employee?

Do they know how to create habits instead of just demanding discipline? Are all teams working well or do you know departments where everyone believes OTHERS need to change? - Unhealthy patterns that no one really knows how to interrupt?

If those are problems you face, contact us using the form below for a quick 15 minute call, or read on to learn what we bring to the table.


A customized, intentionally relationship-based training, designed with focus on your Leadership Team, your Employees or a Project Team.

corporate training
  • Communication with self - Master your state, rise above the circumstances
  • Communication with others - Building rapport, personality types, 6 steps of communication, crucial conversations, representational systems
  • Substituting discipline with habits
  • Identifying unhealthy patterns and installing empowering patterns.
  • The secret sauce of elite teams
  • Effective goal setting
  • World class presentations skills - no more "death by powerpoint"


Below find a selection of modules I use in my custom Employee Engagement programs and corporate trainings. Your employees will be excited to discover principles that they can not only apply in their business life but in their personal lives as well. Remember, there are no business problems or relationship problems; there are only personal problems that show up in our work life and our relationship life. I am curious about your specific ideas or challenges and love to tailor the program that is right for you.



Your overall state of being in any given situation consists of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state. When you change one state, you change them all. The ability to get conscious and take charge of your state, allows you to determine your outcome. Your mood will become less dependent on your environment so you can deliver peak performance on demand.



55% of communication is body language, 38% is voice/tonality and only 7% is content. Building rapport is the art of getting the other 93% of  communication right and really utilizing the full spectrum of communication for smoother cooperation and collaboration and faster turnaround times on projects and tasks.



Every time we communicate with another person, we go through up to 6 individual steps. A person that is conscious about these steps, gets their message across clearly and can pinpoint needs for adjustment. The results is effective communication, less mistakes and amicable resolutions of misunderstandings.



A great team is made up of all 4 personality types. Unfortunately, not all personality types get along very well - especially when they don’t know WHY they can’t get along. After this segment, there will be a common understanding amongst team members about the value each personality adds to the team and people who rarely associated with each other start to connect.
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The creation of lasting change requires up to 6 factors of influence. When utilized they create helpful and empowering habits and make it easy to implement new processes and establish empowering habits. They apply to individuals as well as teams. As soon as 4 or more factors are utilized, habits are created with a 90% success rate.



The meaning any message has is the meaning you give it. But it was sent with an intention. When those align, you're golden. When they don't there is some level of conflict. The 4 sides of a message are a great tool to find empathy and understand your communication partner better as well as send your messages more clearly.



I loved talking about Intentional Relationship-Based Leadership with Christopher Salem on TALRadio

There are no business problems and no relationship problems. There are only personal problems that reveal themselves in our business and relationship life. A leader must be a great communicator and build intentional relationships.

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disruptive successor Arno Koch

Having a company culture is inevitable. Intentionally shaping company culture and creating a place where people thrive and are invested in making the company thrive is a choice.

I enjoyed speaking with Jonathan Goldhill about influencing company culture using a relationship-based approach and the results you can expect.

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What prerequisites does a Business Coach need to fulfill for you? Here are mine.

A Business Coach needs to be an expert in his field

  • Arno is a Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming)

  • Master Practitioner of Mental and Emotional Release®

  • Hypnotherapist

  • Graduate of the Tony Robbins Leadership Academy.

A Business Coach must be relatable

  • Arno is not a psychologist that "thinks he knows" about the corporate environment. He spent 13 years in an international corporate environment as an engineer in Germany, as a product manager in Switzerland and in business development in California.

    Still, the first step of working together is always getting a deep understanding of the intricacies of the environment that is looking for improvement.

  • He has a Knack for building rapport with diverse audiences, engaging skeptical engineers, outgoing sales consultants, people from different countries and cultures, audiences that are unfamiliar with the topic and people who already speak the language and want to build on preexisting knowledge.

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A Business Coach must have experience

  • Arno has over 25 years of experience in the field of personal development.
  • 10 years of experience coaching and training teams, groups and individuals

  • Arno built trainings from identifying the need over creating and iteratively improving the training, to delivering the trainings internationally (Germany, Mexico, China, Taiwan, USA)

  • He lead a workshop on public speaking at the University of Phoenix in Los Angeles and facilitates his own public events on personal development and public speaking.

  • He built a track record of lasting change with his coaching clients which he monitors as he follows up and reconnects on a regular basis.


No two companies or even departments are the same. Share your specific needs with us and get a customized solution that caters to your company's requirements.

EmpowerZen Planner & Life-Coach in a book

What tools do you use with your employees to set goals and bridge the life-goals-business-goals-gap?

The EmpowerZen Action Planner & Life-Coach is the tool Arno uses to maintain focus and clarity in today's digital environment. With 14 pages of distinct coaching questions EmpowerZen is much more than an ordinary planner.

It helps you set goals and break them down into monthly and weekly goals, so you can achieve them easily and effortlessly.

Distraction free, leaving an encouraging trace of success,  accomplishment and gratitude.

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