In this Lesson you will learn how to apologize effectively.

As forgiveness helps you heal, apologizing effectively helps the other person heal and find forgiveness for something you did that impaired their wellbeing.

Maybe you consciously or unconsciously wronged them

Maybe you went overboard and did something that is okay in the grand scheme of things but wasn't okay for them.

Maybe you literally or figuratively abandoned them.

When apologizing remember:

  • Own their feelings. We make each other feel.
  • Healing the feminine
    • "I am sorry that I MADE you feel sad/angry/afraid/frustrated
  • Healing the masculine
    • I am sorry THAT I  disrespected you/ disregarded you/ was disloyal/ blew you off
  • Three ways to apologize:
    • I'm Sorry
    • I apologize
    • please forgive me
  • Make a "forever apology". It is not appropriate to challenge the time they need to integrate the apology. You can apologize effectively, you cannot apologize efficiently.
  • Never ask for an apology in return. Find forgiveness instead.

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