6 hours to transform your life

YOUR RESULT: Eliminating baggage and limiting beliefs in one area of your life that is holding you back for years, maybe decades.


IT IS TIME TO LET GO OF YOUR BAGGAGE: Let's talk about the impact of baggage. Baggage is what I call unreleased emotions connected to events that you experienced in the past. When you went through a negative experience and worked through the emotions, you remember HOW you felt in that moment and that's it. With baggage it's different: Every time you remember the event, the emotions connected to that event flood your body once again. The anger, the sadness, the fear, the guilt, the hurt appear as if you were teleported back into the event, if you're lucky, they are at least less intense. What's the problem with baggage? There are two ways in which your baggage impairs your life day in, day out:

    1. Every time you remember such an event, the emotions of stress that flood your body trigger the hormones of stress, cortisol, adrenaline and your body goes into fight or flight mode. Your digestive system gets suppressed, your creative thinking gets suppressed and your immune system gets suppressed as well. The more often you remember such events, the more often you suppress your immune system, the more likely you catch a cold, the flu or develop chronic diseases over time. Baggage makes you sick.


  1. When you find yourself in an event in the future that reminds you (consciously or unconsciously) of the past event, the unreleased emotions are stacked on top of the appropriate emotions of the future event. The event is experienced with a higher intensity to which you respond with a more intense behavior. Your reaction is out of proportion.

What events can lead to baggage and how old may it be? Typical events that cause baggage are situations in past or present relationships, divorce of parents, experiences during childhood, situations where you have been wronged by someone. I have worked with people who's baggage impaired their life for over 50 years! It is never to late to change your past. How long do you want to relive the event again and again?

THE BEST TIME TO RELEASE YOUR BAGGAGE IS NOW! With lasting results! Choose the area in your life where you are struggling the most. The process we will then use is called a breakthrough session and includes discovering the greater problem behind your presenting struggles and solving it effectively with a technique called Mental and Emotional Release®. It is an NLP based process that has been scientifically proven over years and is documented in the book "Mental and Emotional Release" by Dr. Matt James.

  • The greater problem behind presenting struggles
  • Releasing unreleased emotions connected to past events that show ripple effects into the present and future
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs that prevent you from reaching your full potential
  • Explore the requisites for change and create a compelling future
  • Set SMART Goals
  • Breaking old patterns and creating new empowering habits instead
  • You will learn the technique so you are empowered to dissolve baggage that is created (or you become aware of) in the future on your own
  • The Breakthrough session which lasts about 6-8 hours over one or two days
  • 3 x 20 minute FREE follow up calls (Valued at $200) after the session to adjust SMART goals and future pace the changes that where made

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