Event description

Have you ever asked your spouse, a colleague or an employee to do something, it did not happen and you took it personal?
Have you ever been asked by your spouse, a colleague or your boss to do something and despite your best intentions did not do it but that person took it personal? Or seen this happen in your family or team?
Have you had a feedback session with your team or department and the point "lack of communication" was among the top problems?

The "COMMUNICATION MASTERCLASS" gets to the root of those questions and unlocks the secret to smooth communication and lifts teamwork and collaboration to the next level.

What to expect:

  • Building Rapport: How to set the stage for excellent communication.
  • The 6 stages of communication:
    Pinpoint where communication went wrong and get it right from now on.
  • How to decipher every message:
    Learn to receive and address information in a way that makes it as easy as possible to understand.
  • Building trust:
    Building trust is a process from the inside out. We will start it here.
  • Learn to speak everyone's language:
    Learn about personality types and how to create understanding with them. Including within yourself.
  • This is a hands-on course. We won’t just touch on things. You will practice until it sticks

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