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What makes Mind & Performance Coaching unique?

You are not reaching your goals because of the habits that are engrained in your subconscious mind although you are trying for a long time already.
Those habits are fueled by Emotional Baggage = unreleased negative emotions connected to negative events from the past.
In my Mind & Performance Coaching program you will get rid of your Emotional Baggage and trauma, followed by replacing your disempowering habits with empowering ones. As a result my clients saved their marriages, started businesses and even overcame Phobias and PTSD.
Arno Koch

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Do you wonder how coaching could accelerate your personal development?
Are you facing a road block regarding your career, health, relationship or family life?
Do you have a psychological condition although you had years of therapy?
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"Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me as much as you have. Not only in coaching but also in being one of the only constants I have in my life. I was doing a little reflecting on this year and when I thought about you and all the help you have given me, I felt the need to thank you. You are appreciated and I am grateful for you daily. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ"

"I just want to say thanks to Arno Koch for the call, he told me how to cope with my trauma and gave me helpful coping mechanisms and advice on how to move forward from this point in my life with my depression and PTSD. I feel there is hope again for once in a long time."

"Peter is a prime example of the lingering injuries a combat veteran can sustain during two tours in Vietnam. He's been through decades of V.A. counseling, private care, group therapy and an array of other techniques, with minimal success. It's not until he worked with you that he finally found relief."

(Names hidden or changed due to client confidentiality)


Most Coaching Programs focus on changing your behavior whereas they neglect the REASON for those behaviors. In Mind & Performance Coaching we eliminate the reason first, then replace the behavior. We take into account that all current behaviors and habits serve a purpose, in other words they have served you at some point of your life. Learn more about Emotional Baggage.


Willpower depletes over the course of the day because it is a scarce resource. As a result you have a lot of willpower in the morning but in the evening there is not much left. That's why people find themselves during a diet sitting in front of the TV with bag of chips. Your autopilot, called the subconscious mind, wins most of the time. Mind & Performance Coaching helps you control and reprogram your autopilot. You will start using your willpower only for creating new habits and start reaching your goals easily and effortlessly.

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Even our negative habits serve a purpose! Let's take smoking as an example: Have you ever realised that besides the nicotine, smoking is also a breathing exercise? The smoker breathes in deep, holds it for a couple of seconds and breathes out slowly. You can do that even without a cigarette and feel relaxed. The smoker who quits misses this reliable tool for relaxation. As a consequence the void that was left will be filled. For example with itself again (The smoker that resumes smoking) or with another disempowering habit like eating sweets. Now pause for a moment and think about changes you want to make in your life and how you have tried it in the past. - If you have tried in vain to make those changes for months or even years, isn't it time to work with a professional coach and replace the underlying habits?


With Mind & Performance Coaching you can transform your life by replacing your unwarranted, disempowering habits with empowering habits that take the purpose of the old habits into account, resulting in a long term, sustainable solution. How will your life look like 5 years from today if you start solving your problem now?


In a classical therapy session you light up your baggage and then you walk home with it. Maybe you find a way to resolve it, maybe not. You just light it up again and again, feel miserable again and again and it's up to you to find a way to get rid of it.


Mind & Performance Coaching is so effective because we first light up your baggage but only for the purpose of removing it! You instantly feel better. In addition you leave not only with a good feeling, you leave with the change and empowerment you desired! You leave in a state where old habits already start re-evaluating themselves.


Before we commit to working together, you want to know me and I want to know you. That's why I offer FREE strategy sessions. In this session I want to know all about your challenge and already start working on the solution. By the end of my program many clients remind me of things I shared with them in that first session.

What do you expect of a Personal Coach?

A Personal Coach must be relatable

Arno has experienced the techniques he uses himself to overcome his own limitations and emotional baggage.

It is not only the knowledge of techniques that make a great coach who delivers results. Besides his expertise and experience, Arno relies on his intuition, his empathy and his ever positive attitude and results orientation that help find the solutions you need. A principle of Arno's work is: Every memory is true. It's not about finding out how things really were. It's about taking YOUR memory and feelings of the event as the DEFINITE TRUTH and work from there, resulting in fast and long term change.

Arno Koch during Coaching

A Personal Coach must be an expert in his field

  • Over 20 years of experience in the field of personal development.
  • Certified Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming), Mental and Emotional Releaseยฎ and Hypnotherapy.
  • Graduate of the Tony Robbins Leadership Academy.

A Personal Coach must have experience

  • Arno lead workshops inside his corporate environment and coached clients on the side before changing his career to full time Coaching and Speaking.
  • He facilitates his own public events on personal development and public speaking.
  • Our clients have elevated their careers, mended their relationships, overcame Phobias, PTSD, Allergies and Bulimia.

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Your Truth Is The Key To Your Transformation!

Isn't the thing we are most concerned about in any conflict the truth? What has REALLY happened? What was the intention of the other person? And even in the conflicts that we have with ourselves: "What is the right thing to do now?" Mind & Performance Coaching is different. Whatever you have experienced, we are not concerned about finding out what really happened. Your personal experience of the event led to certain emotions, decisions and actions resulting in the challenge you're facing today. Even if you found the truth, it wouldn't change the experience that you had back then, so it is irrelevant. We work with YOUR memory and take it for granted. That gives us the lever we need to dissolve it, resulting in instant and profound transformation.

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The proven path for your transformation is right in front of you. Mind & Performance Coaching has delivered business results, relationship results, even results with conditions that are commonly believed to be medical like bulimia, phobias or even PTSD. If you still have doubts if Mind & Performance Coaching can make a difference, take this quiz:
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