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Planner | Journal | Life coach in a book

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With 1 year of undated calendar pages, 12 monthly reviews, 4 quarterly reviews and a 28 pages strong coaching part, EMPOWERZEN sets you up for your most successful year ever.

“Empower” implies strength, confidence, and growth, while “Zen” stands for peace, tranquility, and mindfulness. The combination of empowering oneself while also finding inner serenity sums up the purpose of this planner as a tool for your personal development and growth. It’s what you can expect to find more of in your life and to expand on when using it.

We designed EMPOWERZEN with the proven and tested NLP principles and techniques in mind to help you focus on what you want – and get it. In your health, in your relationships and financially.

The weekly spreads have a clear design that provide just enough guidance to structure your week effectively while keeping in view what you’re grateful for and making it easy to track the habits that are important for you.

The monthly spreads invite you to reflect on the past month and preserve your learnings. You then set your intentions for the month ahead and gain clarity on your goals and what is necessary to achieve them.

The quarterly reflection lets you write a letter to your future self, a powerful tool to manifest your future and shape your destiny. It is also a good time to reflect on your growth and progress.

Consciously analog, EMPOWERZEN frees you from the distractions of your phone and laptop and helps you focus on what counts most: You.

Today’s pain:

Have you ever lost track of your tasks and goals and looked back at a day that was super busy but you made no progress? Are friends, colleagues, your kids or social media distracting you and diverting your attention from the important things? What were your goals for last month, what are your goals for this month? What are your goals for next week?

Your solution:

EMPOWERZEN is your planner / organizer / journal to achieve your goals with contentment and happiness, your analog companion in a digital world full of distractions. Being more than just an undated 52 week calendar, EMPOWERZEN adds coaching questions, habit tracking, 12 monthly previews and reviews and invites you to write a quarterly letter to your future self to help you manifest your goals and dreams.
EMPOWERZEN helps you define your long term and short term goals and break them down into monthly, weekly and daily chunks.