What Is Your Personality Type?


You have probably come across a few personality tests already and we believe every one of them has its place and value. The one in front of you is based on one of the oldest personality tests there is, created in ancient Greece. Instead of the labels every personality type originally had, we gave every personality type an animal that represents its behavior and way of thinking in a striking and easy to remember way. Once you are done with the test and understand how each personality type operates, you will start to see animals all around you and start figuring out how to appreciate and approach them. Note that there is no personality type that is superior to the other ones.

Success in communication does not come with a personality type but with understanding how to approach each personality type. Some people believe, if they adapted to another personality type they would “fake it” or “pretend to be someone they are not”. Nothing can be further from the truth. If person A speaks english and person B approaches person A German, person B is not “authentic” but simply not communicating in a way that doesn’t work. What applies to spoken language, also applies to the other modalities of communication.

personality types


Here are some questions regarding the way you feel and act. Each question has radio buttons to answer YES or NO. Decide which answer is closer to your usual way of acting or feeling, then check the respective button. To get the most accurate result, answer each question as fast as possible. We want an answer from your subconscious mind and not an answer that has been reflected on and rationalized. The whole questionnaire shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. You will only be able to access your results after you have answered all questions. If you read a question and think “I don’t know!”, ask yourself “But if I were to know, what would the answer be?”

Start now, work quickly and remember to answer every question. There are no right or wrong answers, and this is not a test of intelligence or ability. It is designed to give you an understanding of how you naturally behave.

1.Do you often long for excitement?
2.Are you usually carefree?
3.Do you find it very hard to take no for an answer?
4.Do you stop and think things over before doing anything?
5.Are you not good at losing and often insist on your rights?
6.Do your moods go up and down?
7.Do you generally do and say things quickly without stopping to think?
8.Do you ever feel ‘just miserable’ for no good reason?
9.Would you do almost anything for a dare?
10.Do you suddenly feel shy when you want to talk to an attractive stranger?
11.Is kind and honest appreciation worth more than material things?
12.Do you often do things on the spur of the moment?
13.Do you often worry about things you should have done or said?
14.Generally do you prefer reading to meeting people?
15.Are your feelings rather easily hurt?
16.Do you like going out a lot?
17.Are you more thorough and detail oriented than most people you know?
18.Are you sometimes bubbling over with energy and sometimes very sluggish?
19.Do you prefer to have few but special friends?
20.When people shout at you do you shout back?
21.Are you often troubled about feelings of guilt?
22.Are you sometimes too tough and cold-hearted?
23.Can you usually let yourself go and enjoy yourself a lot at a lively party?
24.Would you call yourself tense or ‘highly strung’?
25.Do other people think of you as being very lively?
26.After you have done something important, do you come away feeling you could have done better?
27.Are you mostly quiet when you are with other people?
28.Do you tend to run late?
29.Do ideas run through your head so that you cannot sleep?
30.If there is something you want to know about, would you rather look it up in a book than talk to someone about it?
31.Do you get palpitations or thumping in your heart?
32.Do you like the kind of work that you need to pay close attention to?
33.Do you get attacks of shaking or trembling?
34.Are you usually the mediator in groups?
35.Do you hate being with a crowd who play jokes on one another?
36.Are you an irritable person?
37.Do you like doing things in which you have to act quickly?
38.Do you worry about awful things that might happen?
39.Are you slow and unhurried in the way you move?
40.Does your humor sometimes offend people?
41.Do you have many nightmares?
42.Do you like talking to people so much that you never miss a chance of talking to a stranger?
43.Are you troubled by aches and pains?
44.Would you be very unhappy if you could not see lots of people most of the time?
45.Would you call yourself a nervous person?
46.Would you say that you were fairly self-confident?
47.Are you easily hurt when people find fault with you or your work?
48.Do you find it hard to really enjoy yourself at a lively party?
49.Are you troubled by feelings of inferiority?
50.Can you easily get some life into a dull party?
51.Do you worry about your health?
52.Do you like playing pranks on others?
53.Do you suffer from sleeplessness?