Be the Candle, or the Mirror that reflects it

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For a long time one of my greatest internal struggles was: “How can I talk in public or write about things that were not invented by me?!” Do you feel me? If you are asking yourself the same question or if you are asking yourself how I dare to, read on.

One of the greatest inventors that I ever met, someone with a vast collection of patents once said to me: “Most inventions are really discoveries.” As humans we rarely invent things in the first place. We cannot think outside a box when we’ve never even taken a peek outside of that box. What we can do though, is take knowledge or an experience that we had in one part of our life, and try to use it in an area of life that seems completely unrelated. Like going scuba diving and seeing a boxfish under water and being inspired to create a new car design. Or, why would a kitchen appliance need an LCD display – Check out the Thermomix.

Another thing happens when you come across “A worthy Idea”. If you hear something that changed your life for the better, why hide it from the world because you think you are “Not worthy of talking about it”. Because you did not invent it, because you don’t have the formal education, because you don’t have a p.h.d. . You may be holding knowledge in your hands that can change lives, help people push through their limitations, heal emotionally or even physically, help them increase their income. And because you don’t dare, they will never do. Or at least a lot later, maybe too late.

I believe, if you come across a worthy idea, something that can change lives, it is your duty to spread it. And you also want to spread it in a smart way. That means you want to share it with people that can appreciate the help you are giving them. If you deal out your new discovery to everybody, you will run into people that just don’t care, people that are just fishing for freebies, people that are not ready to change themselves and therefore hate on you and ridicule you. So find people that are ready to receive and appreciate you and your information. In my case that meant discovering Mental and Emotional Release® and its power to help people overcome their Emotional Baggage, Depression and even PTSD. Discovering how to help people eliminate allergies and phobias. Before I saw it with my own eyes and then did it myself, I could not believe it was even possible to eliminate phobias and allergies in a couple a minutes. And I don’t expect you to believe it either. What I expect you to do is to think about yourself and for how long you have had that phobia (if you do), for how long you have that allergy (if you do) and for how long you are carrying that emotional baggage from past traumas, childhood experiences, old relationships, violent encounters, accidents, Experiences at work. How has it impaired your life in the past, how will your life look like when you got rid of it? What possibilities will it open up for you? The reduction in stress hormones alone would be worth it, wouldn’t it? Explore the possibilities of getting rid of it with someone who is believable when he says that he can help you with it.

But first and foremost, share what YOU know with everyone that can benefit from it and appreciates you for it. (And forgive those that don’t) And BE an example for how it can impact a life. It’s your destiny, and anyone telling you other is talking about themselves and probably have issues with their own self esteem: As long as Mr. Rogers gets thumbs down on Youtube, you’re okay getting some thumbs down as well. You can’t be out there and not receive thumbs down. Be a mirror that reflects as much light as you can!

Oh, and there is one more thing that will happen, the more candles you reflect: As you reflect more and more light, the concentrated energy of those reflections adds up until it is so strong that it lights your own candle. Enjoy the process.

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